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Pangaea Alliance is the global premium publisher alliance. We pool inventory and data for our highly-respected publishers to help brands and agencies target high-net-worth, business-skewed audiences, at scale. Whether targeting by audience, by context or even by specific keywords, we help make scaling programmatic brand campaigns safe, easy and trouble-free.

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Working with Pangaea

Pangaea is flexible – we offer our inventory through both self-serve and managed service. Self-serve gives you full control over your campaign, with the option to overlay your own data and with no minimum spend, whilst with managed service the Pangaea team does the heavy-lifting for you, with all campaign management, optimisation and reporting managed by us.

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Proven results

Targeting our business travel segment, we helped a major airline promote their upper class offering to high-net-worth individuals. This helped the agency drive 142% of their targeted, unique visitor goal through Pangaea, alone.

Looking to add new customers to their upper-tier credit card package, we helped a financial brand reach their customers by employing a mix of customer & audience segmentation, optimising over time to hit their CPA goals, quality audience & environment metrics.

A large tech provider launched a new product aimed at IT decision makers worldwide; using Pangaea, they could scale their campaigns in quality environments with qualified audiences, all whilst delivering 70%+ viewable inventory across all markets.

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