The world’s leading publisher alliance

Consisting of CNN International, The Guardian, Reuters, Dennis Publishing & Mansueto Ventures, Pangaea offers a single, digital route to hard-to-reach, affluent audiences on a global scale. With over 220 million unique users and 3 billion monthly ad impressions across the alliance, Pangaea provides a unique and simple solution for finding valuable consumers; reading content they care about, on sites they trust.

The breadth of this content across our publisher sites combined with our unique first-party data allows us to intelligently segment and target users based on their reading habits. Leveraging best-in-class digital systems, we can surface these high-value audiences and content verticals for agencies and brands with ease.

At a time when the programmatic space is clouded in debate around brand safety, ad fraud and viewability, Pangaea allows access to quality audiences in the best possible environments, all at just a few price points.

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